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Single U.V. Light Water Purifier (563)


Single U.V. Light  counter top water purifier

Dimension Value
Width (cm) 11 cm
Length (cm) 16 cm
Height (cm) 34 cm
Weight (kg) 2 Kg
Flow rate 120 Lph


Pure water New Single  U.V. Light purifier for kitchen counters. Has an Activated Carbon Silver Block Filter (817), removes chlorine, cysts, e’coli, bacteria  bad taste and odours from the water and the UV light kills living organisms. With our U.V. Light water filter, you receive the maximum protection from any and all contaminated water. This unit is suitable to effectively treat water contaminated with cholera during sustained contamination period. It requires a power source in order to run the UV light. The UV light is included along with the filter cartridge.
Pure water filters only need to be replaced after 1 year. This unit can be used on borehole as well as municipal water.
No installation required.

Activated Carbon Silver Block Filter Cartridge (817) and Ultra Violet Light (015)

  1. Removes Chlorine from water
  2. Eliminates bad tastes and odours
  3. Removes all harmful bacteria – e.g. cholera, e’coli and amoebas etc
  4. Kills living organisms in the water.
  5. Removes suspended material

Flow rate 2 litres per minute Replace Filters at 10,000 litres of water or after a year Will purify Municipal and Borehole Water 220 volt, power supply required

U.V. Light Counter-top Water Purifier