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I have a reverse osmosis system: do I need another purifier?
Yes. We have had clients who, although they have reverse osmosis water systems installed in their homes, purchase Pure water purifiers & filters from us just to get the nutritional value from their water – those nitrates and metals the body wants and needs.

What is the best filter for water purification then?
Here is an easy question & answer format that explains what our different water filters do and why they are perfectly suited for South African water purification.

Q:  How do I remove chlorine (bad tastes) from my water?
A:  Our Pure activated carbon range of filters remove all the chlorine from your water,using Activated Carbon block with micro ban technology. Forget the GAC/KDF granular carbon filtration.

This does not remove ALL chlorine from your water and because of its design – being gravity fed and using granular carbon – It clogs very quickly and is only suitable for water that is of an already high quality.

To remove all the chlorine from your water, ensure that you have a carbon block filter.

Pure SA’s are replaceable and fit the Dis-chem water purifiers at a fraction of the replacement cost.

Q:  How do I remove lime from water?
A:  With our Pure Ion exchange water filters. These remove most of the lime from your water and reduce the metals present, while still leaving trace nutrients such as calcium
and potassium. Removing a large portion of lime from your water softens it as well – and soft water is better for you than hard water.

Q:  How can I remove bacteria and be sure there are no germs present?
A:  The Pure polyethylene bacterial filter takes care of this by filtering the water through a membrane of 0.3 microns: an average-sized bacterium is about 2 micrometers (µm or
microns) long and 0.5 µm in diameter, with a cell volume of 0.6 – 0.7 µm). This means that the Pure polyethylene bacterial filter simply does not allow anything larger than 0.3
microns through the filter.

NB: If you are on a municipal or chlorinated water supply (which is most likely in SA), you will do much better buying a filtration system that uses a combination of carbon
block filtration
ion exchange and sub-micron filtration filters – a combination provided by our pure water range of products.

Q:  What other risks are there?
Now you’re seriously thinking of buying a water purification system and have already saved money mentally by not going down the reverse osmosis route, so what are your risks?
A:  Very few with Pure water. And here’s why.

  • We have a number of clients who have purchased water purifiers from other suppliers and been totally shocked at the cost of replacement filter cartridges.
  • They have thus ended up buying a whole new unit from us – with extra replacement filters to last three years – for the price of one replacement filter from other suppliers.
  • When you buy a Pure water purifier you will never find yourself unable to obtain a replacement filter for your unit – nor will you be locked-in to purchasing replacement filters only from us.
  • Our units use an industry standard 10 inch / 25cm filter cartridge – which is great news if you already own a purifier and are looking for quality replacement water filters. And since it is the filters that do all the work – the purifier provides the housing during the purification process – don’t buy poor quality filters! This defeats the point of owning a quality water purifier.

Q:  I am ready to buy so what’s the process?
A:  You can register and process your purchase through our shopping cart and can pay either by credit card or EFT. Or you can simply complete this form and we can process your order manually. In this case your payment options are by EFT or a direct deposit into our account.